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head coach of the 49ers is speaking with the media right now. let's listen in. >> can you tell us if you have talked to any other sup iser bowl coaches to get any insight on how to prepare for super bowl week? and what do you seeace the special challenges of being a first time super bowl coach? >> no real in-depth type of things. i had a short conversation with bill when he was out interviewing our players and i was on a radio show the other day. john madden was on as well. a couple short comments as well. so, the second part of the question was? >> what are are all of the challengees of being a first time coach? >> well, that you have not done it before. unchartered waters for a rookie
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super bowl coach. so, but it is exciting, too. we have a great desire to be in unchartered waters. our coaches and ... >> reporter: okay, that is the coach speaking live talking about unchartered waters. so far he has answered every challenge that has come his way and coaching in the first super bowl this sunday. we will have more coming up later on in sports, back to you. >> all right, thank you for that sneak peek. den sis just part of our teen in new orleans. michelle will join us live from new orleans starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. on cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. well, the sup iser bowl means big money in the city in charge of hosting it. it does snot mean san diego will get a boost, too. cbs 5 reporter is in san francisco with a look at how the city benefits from the big game, don? >> reporter: that is right. neither team is from new orleans but that does not mean
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their hometowns are not going to get a hit, a financial hit. the reason may be because the fans just feel so pumped about their team's winning. >> what say super bowl worth to the rest of us? economists who tried to estimate the value come up with big numbers like $435 million for host city, new orleans. another claims people in the hometown of the super bowl contender like san francisco get an income boost of $120 a year in personal income, why? because we feel better about ourselves? >> it is good for the economy. absolutely it is good for the economy. you know, there is a relationship between mood and spending. when people feel good they spend a little bit more. >> they feel good right now. >> they feel really good right now. very excited right now. >> reporter: there are the obvious things that my off of the shelves here like t-shirts and anything that helps folks identify with the 49ers. an estimate that fans national he will spend $11 billion on super bowl-related punches including beer and 5 million
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new television set fist. >> in general, san francisco -- television sets. >> in general, san francisco is an optimistic place and it is good for consumer spending. >> reporter: then, the stuff fans do while watching the game like consuming chicken wings, 8 million pounds of chips and another 8 million pounds of avocados. >> when we are in a situation like this that is just gripped the emotions of the entire city, really, nobody is left behind. everybody in some way is effected by this. and everyone gets involved. it is pretty much impossible not to. >> reporter: and there are other pay offs as well like the long-term image of the favorite city. >> winning the super bowl improves our image, recognition of the city. even if you are not a sports fan you are thinking about it more. we are getting more press right now. >> reporter: red and gold on a lot of buildings around town. the building behind us. winning is good for the soul
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and the economy. ann? >> we will take it, don, thank you very much. before the 49ers left town the fans got one last chance to wish them well. and we were in santa clara as the team pulled out. >> one by one the players stepped out of their training facility on monday morning to board the bus to get to the airplane that would ultimately land them in new orleans for the super bowl. and what will truly be the ride of their lives. [cheers and applause] >> outside of the 49er fences in santa clara, dozens of fans waited to see their team off. >> had to come out here and support the game, support the 49ers, they are going all of the way, baby, yeah! >> reporter: it is history. history, something that, you know, he will be able to take with him for the rest of his life. out here, supporting his team team. >> all of the people that came out to see the 9ers off today have their own special messages. >> the quest for 6 it will happen. >> you know what you are -- keep dog what you are doing because you have great fans cheering out. >> good luck and play hard.
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don't give up on yourself. >> the fans were kept out of sight as the players bored. as media we were let in but instructed not to ask questions. here is collin having a little fun on his way to the chartered coach. jim harbaugh kept a lower profile. an exclusive shot of the coach before he boarded the bus. >> number one. >> back on the other side of the fence the fans did it not mind waiting. the anticipation kind of works. >> every day or every other day i have been watching the repeat of the last game. it is so great. >> and when the buses fine he rolled passed the crowds they did their best to show their love. >> because it is good luck. [ laughter ] >> the more they cheer them on the more they are going to win. >> reporter: as they drove out of sight on route to the big easy fans did not need reminders that nobody has it better than us. in santa clara, cbs 5. >> 9ers fever is not just limited to san francisco, in the east bay, fans are pulling
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for a niner's win. the oakland a's sold out their fan fest. fans lined up to see some of their favorite players chose up. but it seems no matter who your team is everyone is pulling for the 9ers. >> i have a good feeling. more of a baseball fan but rooting for the bay and, i don't think the 9ers are going to disappoint. >> next sunday i want the niners to take it. cap say local boy from where i am from so it will be nice to see him do some work. >> last week was oakland a's best. spring training starts in a few weeks. checking bay area headlines, the police continue to search for suspects in a drive-by shooting across from the facebook campus. a 24-year-old mother and her 2- year-old son were hit in a hail of gunfire last night about 8:00. the wounds are not life- threatening. they are looking for a green honda. someone in that car opened
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fire. the police identified the third homicide victim as 44- year-old donald harvey. he was stabbed to death thursday night outside of a home on south side drive. the investigators say four to five suspects attacked him for up known reasons. they say this is no evidence that the stabbing was gang related. a reward is offered for information. why don't you take the train out there? >> the movie about the killing of oscar grant has taken two top prizes at the sundance film festival. the film about the last day in the life of grant, wins a grand jury prize and audience award in the u.s. dramatic competition. b.a.r.t police officers killed him back in 2009. the reprieve ends for sunday drivers in san francisco. the new rule enforced as of today. and it is not just another flag football game in the bay area. how super bowl 47 overshadows
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sunday competition on hollowed ground. and 49er fans sharing their favorite photos. we love the cute babies, outfit inside 49ers finest. check out this guy. he is hard core. his car is customized in red and gold, front and back. we are seeing a lot of bets sports the team coloring and haoupliliation, keep the fan photos coming. e-mail them to news at or upload your photos at our web site
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now in effect between noon and six on sundays. the three week no more free ride for drivers parking. meter enforcement is in effect between noon and 6:00. the three-week grace period ended today. people who do not feed the meters will get tickets. it is expected to pump millions of dollars into the muni budget. football players and coaches it is never too early to start thinking about the super bowl. grade school kids are out at a school today for flag football. and that is where patriots quarterback tom brady. the head coach says if tom
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brady can not be in the super bowl, the 9ers work. >> last week solved the debate about who we will be cheering for between braiders and the 9ers. would have been great for the school. we root for tom brady but now moving the chips to the 9ers. >> well, the 9-week program is for kids from pre-k to 6th grade. boys and girls can play. all right, so, first it was an oc it topus and now an orangatan. zoo keepers gave her a box with two blankets represents the ravens and the giants -- i mean, 9ers, sorry. you can see she picked the 49ers over the ravens. be aware. she husband only gotten her picks 50% of the time. -- he has only gotten her picks 50% of the time. soldiers in afghanistan get to share in the super bowl excitement. what they will be eating during
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the game. from the weather center, good evening, everybody. go ahead, go on, gather near the tv screen and take a look at this. full moon rising over the bay bridge. the clear skies and how long those will stick around as eyewitness news continues
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sunday. an organization called "pizza 4 patriots" has already delivered
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30-thousand pies to kandahar will be de u.s. troops in afghanistan will have peuza parties next sunday. an organization for pizza for papatriots delivered 30,000 pies. they will be delivered toz bases throughout southern afghanistan in time for the big game. pizza for patriots launched in 2008. they deliver pizzas twice a year to deployed service members. >> i have a great idea now. you and i have been trying to decide where to go next sunday, there. >> we are going there? >> why not, a party. >> you are an adventurous woman. >> yes. and dry conditions there as well, right? we had dry condition cans here today, too. good evening. highs only in the 50s with lots of clear skies. now, check this out. the moon. it is hiding from you, ann. it is is gorgeous. >> it is beautiful. you can see it because northing but cheer sky -- because nothing but clear skies out there. now napa at 65 degrees. wow! this is another view of the
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full moon tonight. next time you see the full moon again on february 25th. meanwhile, current air temperatures tumbling into the 40s, rapidly now that the sun officially has set. by the time it comes back up tomorrow morning at 7:30 we will have areas of frost. 31 degrees, over night tonight in santa rose a31 at the try valley. it will be freezing in concord and middle 30s in san jose through the valley. including saratoga. now, meanwhile, tonight, cheer, really crisp. tomorrow, a frosty start. then, we have an extended forecast for nothing. the dry conditions, right there, north of the bay area. going to to for the most part, skirt along the california coast side. let me show you what i mean. first off, taking a look at the future cast. off shore. precipitation. scattered off shore. leaving us with nothing but sunshine for our monday and our tuesday as well.
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good air quality because of a wind whipping up throughout the central valley. otherwise, freezing in the sierra. but splattering snow showers through the valley. tomorrow's highs, in the 50s, low 60s towards emeryville. and berkeley. and in oakland. there is the extended forecast. we call for the warmest day of this workweek to be on wednesday. we have nothing but slightly above average temperatures, each day, all of the way into that super bowl sunday. who will notice the difference? everyone will be watching the game right here on cbs 5. >> all right, thank you, speaking of sports, live from new orleanss, next -- new orleans, next
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for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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" " vern glen joins us from new orleans outside of the superdome. >> >> reporter: that is right. that is where it is going to go down. the super bowl. what a town, and what an experience. let's show you about an hour or so ago of the 49ers actually arriving. there is the team and all of their glory and excitement. they will have practices all weeklong. speaking of press conferences before the coach had his press
6:51 pm
conference he had this to say about the team. >> do you think the players need any -- to ease off on the pressure or are they okay no matter what went with it. >> well, shawn had a quote on our quote board about two 1/2 weeks ago that said "we get fresher under pressure" so, that is boads about for news before the team got here there was a buzz all over town. that is part of the charm of the city that new orleans. we got a little-1/2or of it last hour. we will show you, again, just how much of a special town this is. >> founded in 1518 by a pirate, they call it the big easy
6:52 pm
because of the way of life around here. also call crescent city because the mississippi river forms a crescent around town. >> what do you think the best thing is about the city of new orleans? >> it is homey. it is tradition. it is religion it is family. >> you can not get food like this anywhere else in the country. >> i promise you. >> aside from the charm of new orleans, you can not come here without sampling the world famous binea. >> he rolls them out in the sheeter for us. cuts them. we are open 24/7 so we are constant constantly making them. [music] >> the 49ers are favored from 3.5 to 4 points to beat the ravens. but, we saw a more spiritual insight. >> give us some insight as to how the game will come out.
6:53 pm
>> even though it is really close it looks like it might be san francisco but, like i said it is going to be very, very close and it is going to look like one team is winning and then at the very, very end it might go into overtime before everything winds up being the outcome. [music] >> you just can not get that anywhere. what can turn our attention from the is super bowl and new orleans? >> tiger woods, winning on a golf course. it has been awhile. like three years. here is tiger here at torrey pines we had he has one seven times and he is extending his he'd. woods, a friendly roll on the thenth hole. cap tanned for birdie. running away with it. and then the final round because they tried to finish it up today because of the
6:54 pm
weather. woods would pitch it for birdie off of the green. he has a 6-shot lead with 11 holes left. they may wrap it up tomorrow from torrey pines down in california. australian open, murry, trying to get it done at the expense of djokovic. he won the first set but then, maybe a little confidence break with the feather this. it was all djokovic after that. djokovic on his way to winning his 3rd straight australian open. this is match point as he wraps it up this. djokovic a little history there as he really, really got it done down in australia. let's go to dennis right now across town at the team hotel, dennis? >> reporter: vern. i am going to show our audience what covering a super bowl is like. see it over this? that is collin. let's get over this to see if we can get in there now.
6:55 pm
he is speaking with the media and you can see the complete crowd around him. are you with me? >> okay. we will see if we can hear what he is saying. >> good to know it is up this like that. >> i mean, that is amazing. in one word, collin speaking with the media. obviously, this is the way the super bowl works. we will come back later o. game day live on location tonight from new orleans. >> ann? >> all right, dennis, vern, the rest of the team we look forward to your reports throughout the week t. say good kick off. in one word, a kwaeuzing". >> yes. a man of few words but that is okay. >> i like it. >> one team is going to win and one team is going to lose. >> i think we can do that job. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. have a good night
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>> this is very improbable. this is not an interview i ever expected to be doing. there has been much speculation about the evolution of the relationship between president obama and secretary clinton. tonight you'll hear them talk about it many public together for the first time. i have to ask you, what's the date of expiration on this endorsement? >> oh, steve. >> you know, steve, i got to tell you, you guys in the press are incorrigible. >> lance armstrong admitted to doping for the first time in an interview with oprah winfrey last week, but the director of the u.s. anti-doping agency, travis tygart, told us that armstrong did not tell the truth in the interview and left out the most important facts that investigators want to nail down. armstrong described doping as so routine it was "like the air in our tires and the water in our bottles." what did you think of that?

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